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The art of the podcast

What's your favourite podcast? Is it challenging, relaxing, insightful, laugh out loud funny? Does it invite you into the podcasters world, or the worlds of those featured within it and share their stories like no other?

Recently, Jenna's been creating podcasts for artists. Small, perfectly formed moments of audio exploring their inspirations, creative processes, loves and proudest moments. Personal stories, which help you connect with their work on a different level - a more intimate one.

To be honest, audio allows us to do this in a way no other form of media can. It's the power of the voice. The emotion without visual distraction. Podcasts entice us to focus on every word... to be scooped up into the world of the storyteller, conversationalist, interviewer and chatterer. They give us the chance to take time out whenever we choose... to listen, to discover and to often have our undivided attention.

In today's busy world, where that attention is being grabbed, pushed and pulled every which way, podcasts are little moments of gold.

We believe everyone has a story to tell and if you're looking to connect with your customers, audiences and community, have a think about creating a podcast. It can simply stand on your website with your own communications driving audiences to it, or it can be published to the podcast channels - a service various providers offer, for a small monthly or annual fee. We've created some for brands to use in this way, so give us a shout!

Soon, Jenna will be sharing the stories of extraordinary people and how they've dealt with change, in the Shake podcast. It'll be available on all the usual podcast channels and we hope it will inspire you. It might even change the way you see things and that, is what the art of the podcast is really all about.

P.S. 5 podcasts we love:

1. Coastal Stories

Bestselling author, Charlie Connelly (Attention All Shipping, The Channel, In Search of Elvis) takes us down to the waters edge to share one incredible sea-connected story per podcast, against the backdrop of lapping waves. Bliss.

2. Kermode and Mayo's Film Review

Couldn't ever leave this one out. Save up all the glorious episodes for long journeys, binge listen and wallow in the finery of film witterings - although TV movie of the week is a favourite section too. Hello to Jason Issacs, of course.

3. Unearthed

If you didn't know that Kew Gardens has shaken things up with its very own podcast, you do now! Hosted by botanist James Wong, Unearthed takes a look at the surprising plant life underworld, from illegal trafficking to poisonings solved with the help of plant science.

And that's what we call looking at things from a fresh perspective.

4. Brain on nature

Sarah Allely started making this narrative documentary series while recovering from a mild traumatic brain injury. It explores the healing power of the sounds of nature and helps you hear the world differently.

5. The Naked Podcast

This one shakes things up and no mistake. 2 friends, 1 guest, no clothes - getting naked and talking about our bodies. No taboos, no nonsense and no the tabloid news... it's not 'filth'!


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