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Created differently - Nick Fraser

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

It was Sustainability Day yesterday, and as the artist at the heart of our next ‘created differently’ blog recycles materials to create his incredible sculptures, it’s definitely the right week to be talking about him.

Nick literally takes ‘A load of old scrap’ (the brilliant name of his creative business) and turns it into... well, whatever your combined imaginations can come up with!

Here are just a few of the sculptures Nick has made so far...

Shake communications, a load of old scrap, Somerset artist
From bodybuilders to beloved pets... now that's what we call created differently!

Jenna caught up with Nick a little while ago to discover how he got started making his unique work and to find out a bit more about the artist himself – how he helps create lasting tributes to loved ones who have passed, his own favourite sculptures and how he’s ended up on Quest TV!

Take a few minutes out of your day to hear about someone who definitely isn’t afraid to do things differently. And yes... Nick is definitely a 'Metal Guru'!


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