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Created differently - Sarah Hamilton

If you’ve read our other features, you’ll know we have a blog series which shares the stories of people who genuinely stand out and shake things up... so step forward, Sarah Hamilton.

Sarah is an artist, ‘shop small’ champion and founder of the incredible Just a Card campaign - a worldwide movement encouraging people to value and buy from indies, creatives and small businesses. The central message is that every sale, even just a card, is vital to the survival and prosperity of this incredible community.

Sarah and her campaign team have also created Indie Week, a week to celebrate artists, makers, independent shops and small businesses. This year, it begins on Monday 23rd and we’re doing something pretty special to mark it here at Shake... but more about that next week!

Just a card, Shake communications

For now, have a listen to Jenna’s chat with Sarah which was recorded for a very special radio show last week, dedicated to shopping small. During it, Sarah shares her 'lightbulb moment' which started the campaign, the journey to get support for it and the incredible difference it has made to so many small businesses.

Grab a cuppa, take 10 minutes out of your day and enjoy.


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