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Created differently - Josephine Mariposa

We’re very proud to be working with author, differently-abled activist and life-after-trauma coach, Josephine Mariposa and couldn’t wait to feature her in this blog series, ‘Created differently’.

As you’ll know if you’ve read any of the previous blogs, or listened to any of our mini podcasts, ‘Created differently’ puts the spotlight on people who share our values and blaze their own trail. Josephine certainly does that.

Josephine’s life changed forever after a traumatic injury left her in hospital for two years, undiagnosed and unable to move. After countless invasive tests and an eventual diagnosis of neurosarcoid (a rare condition affecting the spine and brain), Josephine rebuilt her life, reframed her thinking and has written a book ‘Anything is Possible’, to share her story and the techniques she uses to live differently.

Josephine wanted to help other people with serious health challenges, but since its publication, she's also discovered her book has a universal appeal to anyone looking to make a real life change. Anything is Possible has received brilliant reviews with people praising it as a book of “courage and encouragement” - and it's also debuted on several Amazon top 100 bestseller lists.

Our founder, Jenna Myles, chatted to Josephine on Jenna’s recent radio show and you can listen to an edit of that chat below, to discover more about Josephine and her incredible story.

We hope she inspires you as much as she does us.

If you'd like a copy of Anything is Possible, you can currently purchase the Ebook or paperback through Josephine’s website or on Amazon. If you are in the States, it’s also stocked at Walmart. The audio book is coming very soon.


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