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Artists in conversation

Unless you’ve been hibernating (now there’s an idea as we approach Winter ;)) you can’t have failed to notice that the popularity of podcasts is soaring. There’s over 850,000 to choose from now, but creating yours and how to make it stand out is a blog for another day because this one, is about an absolute gem of a podcast project we’re currently working on.

‘Artists in conversation’ shares the stories of a variety of different artists – their backgrounds, what inspires them, their thought processes and techniques. They’re a series of bite-sized chats recorded very simply, to bring you closer to the featured artist and their work... and they always end on a secret that non-one else knows, which has thrown up some interesting stuff so far!

Artist paul newman, Somerset cool, Shake communications, Somerset artists
Work by fine graphite artist, Paul Newman, featured in the series

We’ve been working in conjunction with Somerset Art Works and individual artists to create these audio insights and are excited to say another four have just been commissioned by a wonderful gallery. More on that very soon but in the meantime, here’s a taster for you. Sit back, relax and step into the worlds of artist, Paul Newman and printmaker, Jackie Curtis.

Artist Paul Newman, Somerset cool, Shake communications, artists in conversation
Paul's rapid sketches of birds, which he talks about in his podcast

Jackie curtis artist, Somerset cool, artists in conversation, shake communications
Printmaker, Jackie Curtis, is inspired by the natural world around her. Discover more in her podcast

Podcasting, Jackie Curtis artist, Somerset cool, Shake Communications
The intricate woodblock carvings created by Printmaker, Jackie Curtis

If you’re not inspired to explore the natural world around you this weekend, or intrigued by open air printing by the time you’ve finished these, we’ll eat our hats... and we have quite a collection!

Listen to Paul Newman

Listen to Jackie Curtis


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