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Created differently - Simon Beck

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

When we meet people who share our mindset for doing things differently, we just have to discover more about them.

Internationally acclaimed snow and sand artist, Simon Beck, is one of those people... well, not many of us have invented a new art form or spend our days creating drawings in the snow deep in the Alps, or on the sprawling sands of Somerset, battling the elements whilst we're about it!

Simon started drawing in the snow in 2004. He saw an untouched blanket on a frozen lake in France, created a five star pattern on it and the rest is history - especially after he began creating his incredible patterns on the beach too.

Simon recently completed his 500th drawing and that seemed like a brilliant excuse to catch up with an artist and adventurer who is really shaking things up.

To share in Simon's story, grab yourself a cuppa, set aside ten minutes and be inspired by the highlights of the conversation our founder Jenna had with the man himself.


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