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Shake the foundations

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Values. We’ve all got a set. They make us who we are, reflect who we want to be and whether you’re a well-established business, a start-up, or somewhere in between, your brand values will help shape the decisions you take, acting as a consistent guide as the world around us changes.

The pandemic has seen customers increasingly seek out brands with shared beliefs and as we’ve been continuing to help brands define (and redefine) their values since setting up Shake, we thought we’d share our own here too. If you’re thinking about asking us to guide you... you can get a feel for what guides us first.

Our values


‘Brave’ is a word that’s used a lot these days and lots of company values pay lip service to it. When we say fearless, we mean we’re not afraid to do things differently, go with our gut, challenge when the time is right... or set up in a pandemic ;).

We believe in our insight and creativity and we genuinely believe in every single one of our clients. So far, they all have something in common. They don’t follow, they lead - and they’re not afraid to. They’ll be a mutual, when everyone around them has shareholders. They’ll manufacture in the UK, when everyone around them is buying cheaply overseas. They’ll write a book from their kitchen table and get it published against all the odds. They’ll make real change in their communities and help those in need.

We haven’t deliberately sought out brands or creatives who stand out. It’s naturally happened that way and although everyone feels fear, if you channel it - and act despite it - that’s when you deserve to add the ‘less’!


We’re our real selves, always - with each other and with you. There’s enough fake news, fake smiles and fake moments. We believe in belly laughs, in genuine partnerships, in discovering what really makes your customers or colleagues tick and in creating communication they don’t want to scroll past, walk past, or leave on the doormat.


You can be edgy and still be kind, still care and be controversial and for us, making an emotional connection with each other, with your customers and with your community is a big part of what we’re here for.

Every one of us needs to feel that what we do matters and is appreciated, whether we’re collaborating, creating or choosing which brand to deliver our shopping every week! We make sure that feeling is nurtured and we always make the time... especially when we don’t have it.


Whilst we lead with our heart, we back it up with our head. We're naturally curious. We listen, we question, we research and we question again. Everything we do is powered by inspiring strategy and fresh thinking. We pride ourselves on that.

In deep

Your challenges are our challenges. We immerse ourselves in every brand we partner with and our work ethic is uncompromising. We’re here to make a difference and when we’re in, we’re in deep.

Like what you hear? If you’d like us to take a look at your values, or if you have a challenge and need to Shake things up, do give us a shout. We promise our approach will always have these five foundations at the heart of whatever we work on together.


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