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Shake 6, month 6

And we’re back... like Mad Max: Fury Road, with less fury and more creativity! ;)

The past couple of months have been pretty hectic here, and as well as the busy buzz, there have been plenty of things inspiring us to shake things up. Here’s a little taster of some of the creativity we’ve loved, and we hope it inspires you too.


Luma Arles Tower

World-renowned architect, Frank Gehry, has once again knocked it out of the park/arts campus with this one!

Built on a former rail yard in Arles, France, this 56-metre high tower encased in 11,000 angular, shimmering, stainless steel panels, catches the eye and takes the breath away. It also brings together exhibition spaces, a design lab, a library, offices, seminar rooms and a café. It’s the coolest lookout tower we’ve ever spied too.

Gehry said,

“We wanted to evoke the local, from Van Gogh’s Starry Night to the soaring rock clusters you find in the region,”

and we’re certainly more than a little starry-eyed over it. It’s been beautifully captured in these stunning photographs by Iwan Baan too.


Taunton’s Rainbow Path

Colour, inclusion, fun. Now that’s right up our street... or should that path, because Taunton in Somerset recently opened it’s 62-metre Rainbow Path, and it‘s beautifully uplifting.

This brainchild of Jenny Keogh and Liz Hutchin of GoCreate, features Pride and Progress colours to reflect diversity, and make Taunton feel more welcoming. As Jenny and Liz said,

"We wanted to take practical steps - by creating these bright and colourful installations – towards making Taunton an accepting, inclusive place to be so everyone is welcome, regardless of how they might identify within the community”.

It’s the first rainbow path in the UK and we love the vibe and the meaning behind it, as well as these beautiful photos taken by local photographer, Polly Skene.

More Art

Flower Flashes

Here we go... from one colourful path to another, very colourful street!

These incredible flower installations were fashioned in only 6 hours by New York Floral Designer and creator of the Flower Flash concept, Lewis Miller, and UK Event Florist, Author and TV Presenter, Simon Lycett . Celebrating our desire to connect more with nature during lockdown, pop-up flower ‘flashes’ saw three different London locations decorated with over 12,000 fresh blooms.

It was all part of Funny How Flowers Do That… and whether it’s in your own garden, during a countryside walk or on a street you pass in a fleeting moment, there’s no knocking the ability of beautiful blooms to make us feel lighter, happier and more at peace. Now that’s what we call flower power!

One of our favourite bits of the install is that the passing public were encouraged to take a bouquet home, to enjoy the stems in all their glory. Lovely idea.


Queen of Cups, Glastonbury

Colour is definitely an ongoing theme in this feature's picks, as Jenna headed to new Glastonbury restaurant, Queen of Cups, to record a food tasting with head chef, Ayesha Kalaji.

The tasting can be heard on BBC Sounds and it was as much a feast for the eyes (and ears!) as it was for the belly!

Colour oozed from every plate and the excitement and passion that Ayesha (previously of Bubala, The Good Egg and The Palomar ) has for her blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food is undeniable - as is her determination to use and showcase the local produce in and around Glastonbury. These photos make us hungry all over again!

Poetry and Design

Beyond the Pane

How’s the view from your window looking? Has it become more familiar in the past year and a half? Well, our next gem taps into exactly this as it was Harry Meakin’s inspiration for our literary pick, ‘Beyond the Pane’.

Endorsed by mental health charity, Platfform, Meakin had the idea to capture 20 feelings of lockdown isolation in a book of poetry and illustration.

The book’s contributors range from artists and writers, to teachers and sculptors, and Meakin asked all of them to share a photo of the view from their window, which he then illustrated. We love the simplicity of the poetry and pencil illustrations and how they unite each feeling and experience, at a time when we were all kept apart.

A beloved pet pooch is featured in one poem by Jim K Davies, and it’s our favourite simply because Davies captures just how important our furry companions were then, are now and always will be.

Big smile

A social gem

And talking of beloved animals, our social shout out has to go to the monkey who decided he was having this security guard’s snack... and no arguments! We love that type of no-nonsense action!

Until next time, we’ll be channelling all the colour, creativity and determination shared in this selection. Watch out world! ;)


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