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A story that’s good for your health!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

We’re working on some exciting client podcast projects at the moment here at Shake, and we’ve just created a little slice of sound to introduce you to our competition winner too – Transformational Health.

If you cast your mind back, we ran a competition to give away a mini podcast to help tell the story of a small business and we loved the passion of Transformational Health’s founder, Rachael Tucker. So, we recorded a phone chat a little while ago to discover more about Rachael’s small business and here’s a plot spoiler... we never realised there was such a strong connection between gut health and your brain. What we do know though, is we’re very glad we followed our ‘gut instinct’ and chose Rachael to be our winner.

Have a listen to her story, find out more about the business of helping people begin to transform their own health, and more about what your gut could potentially do for you...

#storytelling #podcast #competition

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