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Petra Velzeboer - Time to Talk

Here at Shake, we're lucky to work with some genuinely inspiring people and businesses who are doing things differently, leading the way in their chosen field.

One of those people is Psychotherapist, mental health advocate and Founder and CEO of PVL, Petra Velzeboer, and last year Jenna chatted with Petra on the radio. Today, on Time to Talk Day, we're sharing that conversation in full with you.

Petra escaped from a cult, hit her own mental health rock bottom, turned her life around, and now helps businesses revolutionise mental health at work and beyond, supporting people to talk about their mental health and work to end stigma.

Even though we now know Petra’s story well, it moves and inspires us every time we hear it and it's right here if you’d like to listen too. Click the video below to hear Petra talking about her life, her own mental health and the things that can help us all have more open conversation.


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