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In lockdown - the photography of Neil Juggins

neil juggins, creative photography, lockdown photography, shake communications, created differently

You cannot be serious...

neil juggins, shake communications, lockdown photography, creative photography

... hmmmm sometimes we can, especially when we're talking about how much we love this featured photography series.

neil juggins, creative photography, Shake communications, shake, created differently

Glastonbury-based photographer, Neil Juggins, has created a brilliant bank of work in lockdown, designed to make you smile, question and run to your nearest wardrobe for that feather boa you thought you no longer had a use for!

Neil juggins, shake communications, shake, created differently, shake blog

These self-portraits are all about getting creative in lockdown (and many other things besides) and Jenna recently caught up with Neil to discover more about the inspirations behind the project.

neil juggins, shake communications

So, grab a cuppa, channel your inner 'LinkedIn man', Beltane god, fashionista or jelly baby obsessive and listen to a chat that will a cause a warm smile to spread across your face like a ripple of sunshine in June.

Oh yes.


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