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Christmas created differently

A few years ago I organised a little Christmas viewing of Elf, in the UK’s smallest cinema, in our new home county of Somerset. It was our second Christmas here, I invited 30 people we’d got to know and a few old friends too. We ate (popcorn), drank (a collection of Christmas tipples) and were merry, and the tiny cinema was filled with laughter at moments in the film we’d probably all seen a million times before.

This year is a difficult Christmas for many of us. A Christmas that’s not like the ones we used to know. We can’t get together as we have in the past, but we can spend it in our own unique way.

We can shake things up and make it a Christmas to remember and for us, that means more time at home, more calls and Zooms, more Christmas cards, sending small parcels of locally sourced presents to our families and making sure that my dad, who will be on his own for the first time in 82 years, has a chat with us planned in and a big cheese hamper arriving (obviously)! ;). We can’t do what we usually do, but we can still make a difference.

This year is the year I’d probably disagree with Buddy the elf. The best way to spread Christmas cheer possibly isn’t singing loud for all to hear (although I reckon belting out some Christmas classics, whether you’re home alone or not, is worth a try). This year, it’s about noticing who needs you, really talking to each other and raising a glass to the things that genuinely matter.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Shake since we started and to everyone who is a part of what we’re creating.

Have a safe and happy Christmas, your way.


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